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We've made it quick and hassle free to buy pony insurance policies from Compare Horse Insurance. Enter your details, compare policies then buy online.

Veteran horse insurance quotes

Veteran horse insurance is available through our site with generous levels of standard cover and optional add-ons for horses over 16.

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Horse trailer insurance from Compare Horse Insurance can be purchased as a combined horse and trailer policy, or on it's own.

Horse insurance

Compare horse insurance to save time and moneyWelcome to Compare Horse Insurance, the first horse insurance website in the UK which allows you to receive a quote, compare and buy policies all on the same site. We're dedicated to providing high quality horse insurance, tailored to your particular requirements: so whatever your preferred type of equestrianism – from gentle hacking to top-level show jumping and even horseball – you'll be able to find the right level of horse insurance cover you need through our easy-to-use site.

A generous amount of cover comes as standard with all the horse insurance policies you'll find through Compare Horse Insurance; competitively priced policies will feature cover for death (including disposal costs up to £250), theft or straying (including advertising and reward costs), saddlery and tack and public liability cover up to the value of £2m. What's more, purchasing horse insurance through our site is speedy and hassle free.

We realise that the health and well being of your horse will be of paramount importance to you; our horse insurance is a key component in achieving this. You'll want the reassurance of knowing that in the eventuality of injury or illness your horse would receive the appropriate veterinary treatment. Vets fees, however, can be costly. Through our site you'll find horse insurance that include vets fees cover of up to £5000 per incident for horses up to sixteen years and up to £1500 per incident for with veteran horse insurance. You'll have the freedom to choose the amount of this type of cover you want and the excess you pay, thus ensuring you don't end up with anything you don't need.

When riding you're at risk as much as your horse so you'll have the option to build personal injury cover into your horse insurance. This will be available up to the value of £20,000 through the leading horse insurance providers on our site and you'll also be able to purchase up to £1,000 of dental cover. You can rest assured knowing that your – and anyone riding the insured horse with your permission – will be financially covered should an accident occur.

All of these horse insurance policy features and more like horse trailer insurance are available to you at a few clicks of your mouse button and are designed to give you peace of mind when spending time with your horse.

Purchasing horse insurance needn't be the complex and stressful process many people believe it to be. At Compare Horse Insurance you'll find everything you need on one site, cutting out the need to trawl the internet to find the right equine cover for you and your horse. Click on 'Get a Quote' and within minutes you'll be offered a number of competitively priced premiums to choose from. You'll be able to access full policy details too so you can make an informed decision about your horse insurance purchase. And when you're ready to buy, you can do that on our site too.

Equine insurance

Pony insurance policies for you to compareBuying equine insurance from Compare Horse Insurance could not be simpler as we are committed to providing you with high quality bespoke equine insurance. We realise that your horse or pony and the recreation activities it involves you in are not just a casual hobby but rather a consuming passion and a major part of your day-to-day life. You'll therefore be dedicated to ensuring the health and happiness of your horse or pony and ensuring all aspects of equine-related life run smoothly. It's an unfortunate fact of life, however, that accidents can happen any time so you'll want to purchase equine insurance to cover you and your horse should something unexpected happen. We realise that searching for an equine insurance can be a laborious and complicated task. But we don't want you to cut any corners to get a policy that's right for you, so we've made the task of purchasing equine insurance quick and hassle-free.

We understand that the type of equine insurance you'll need will depend upon factors such as the age and size of your horse and the particular type of equestrianism you specialise in; accordingly, we'll enable you to tailor your equine insurance policies so you pay for exactly what you need and not for what you don't.

Our equine insurance is designed with you mind as well as your horse, so you'll have the option of building in personal accident cover to your policy. This will cover you and anyone riding your horse with your permission in case they sustain injury from a riding accident. Equine insurance gives you peace of mind and financial support in case of an accident.

To start comparing quotes and to purchase equine insurance that's right for you, click on 'Get a Quote' and enter some personal details and information about your horse. Then, once you've found the right equine insurance package, you can make a purchase.

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Pony insurance

If you wish to take out pony insurance (less than 14.3 hands) you'll find suitable pony insurance policies on our site. We understand that as well as being a large financial investment, your pony will be an important and treasured part of your day-to-day life. Younger riders especially will form great attachments to their ponies and will derive great pleasure from spending time with and riding them. So whether you're looking to purchase pony insurance to insure your own pony or one belonging to your son or daughter we'll guide you through the process and make sure you purchase the right pony insurance policies for you.

Consider vets fees cover when purchasing pony insurance. You may wish to purchase vet fees cover of £5,000 per incident (no aggregate limit or aggregate limit of £10,000 per year). This would give you complete peace of mind, as you would be safe in the knowledge that should an unfortunate incident occur you'd have the financial backing from your pony insurance to make sure your pony enjoyed a rapid recovery.

We realise that searching for pony insurance can be stressful – but it needn't be. We've made the process easy, simple and stress-free. Simply click on 'Get a Quote' to begin comparing pony insurance to find the right one for you.

Compare horse insurance

Through Compare Horse Insurance you'll be able to compare premium quotes and purchase equine cover to suit your requirements at a very competitive price. We are dedicated to the business of providing an insurance package that will cover all your needs. At Compare Horse Insurance you'll be able to compare horse insurance quotes policies and find the one that's right for you. The insurers you'll find on our site are leading specialists in equine insurance. Through purchasing one of their policies you'll acquire complete peace of mind that, should an unfortunate accident occur and your horse is harmed in any way, you'll have the financial support to ensure it makes a speedy recovery. Click on 'Get a Quote' to compare horse insurance quotes.

The premium quotes you'll be choosing between will be for policies offered by leading equine insurers Towergate Aiua and Amtrust. You'll be able to purchase comprehensive cover for all you equine requirements after deciding on which policy is right for you. To get started, click on 'Get a Quote' to compare horse insurance quotes.

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